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Multi-Language Support for EZ-Pages

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This contribution provides multi-language support for the EZ-Pages module that was included in the Zen Cart v1.3.0 release. The standard version does not support more than one language (even though there is a language_id field in the database table).

After installing this module you will be able to enter multi-lingual page/link titles and page content for each EZ-Page from a single admin page (multiple input fields will be present, allowing input for each language just as there is for categories and products).

This latest update adds a new page to the Admin panel that simplifies the install/uninstall process and ensures a smooth transition multi-language support. It also provides a fix/repair facility for the new database table to resolve any problems that may have occurred as a result of incomplete installation of the initial release version.

IF YOU ARE UPGRADING FROM AN EARLIER VERSION, YOU WILL NEED TO UPLOAD THE NEW FILES, THEN USE THE UNINSTALL FUNCTION, AND THEN THE INSTALL FUNCTION from Admin > Tools > Install/Uninstall Multi-Language EZ-Pages. This is because of a change in the structure and indexing of the ezpages_content table

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