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Alipay(Global Merchant) Integration-Zencart

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There are several Alipay account types, and this Module is for the Alipay Global(forex_trade) instant payment account type.

Normally the merchant(you who want to use this extension) is not a Chinese citizen.
Once installed, you have the normal Zencart payment module configuration in the back end, and in the store front end pages, you have the Alipay payment method option to choose.


Alipay account type:  Alipay instant payment
Convenient to switch between sandbox mode and production mode
Currency setting is available
Communication data encoding: utf8
Chinese and English language packages available
First generate the order in the Zencart store then post data to Alipay payment gateway
Even the payment is not successful, the Zencart backend still has the order information to track

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