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Enables your customer to pay an existed order at any time, he can complete the payment without doing "reorder".

This extension offers a new “Finish order payment” page, with the serveral payment methods to choose.


Compatible Magento Versions:  CE 1.9





What does this extension do?

In short, enables your customer to pay an existed order at any time. Of course he must have an order first.

The customer does not need to “reorder”, he can complete the payment on the existed order at any time later.

This extension offers a new “Finish order payment” page, with serveral payment methods for the customer to finish the order payment.

Contact us for the free installation instruction guide document.

What are the problems to solve?

Magento does not provide a way for customers to pay the order again conveniently. For pending orders, customer can’t do the payment again for one order. Also, for the orders created from back-end, customer can’t change/complete the payment in the front end, unless they use the “reorder” functionality, but that will create another new duplicated order, customer has to go through all the checkout process again.

This extension offers you a new “Finish order payment” page to let the customer pay the order later.

What payment methods does this extension support?

In this extension, you can use the following payment methods to pay the order.

1  Paypal standard

2  Paypal express

3  Credit card (ccsave)

4  Check / money

5  Cash on delivery

6  Purchase order

7  Bank transfer

8  Credit Card (



1, For the payment methods not listed above, they are not supported.

2, Recurring payments are not supported.

3, In Magento CE, Paypal Standard and Paypal Express, these two methods can’t be enabled at the same time, it’s ok to use either one in the extension, and it is still ok to use both of them in the extension if you can make them both enabled in Magento.

There is a question here: can the other payment methods not supported by this extension be used?

The answer is “maybe”. We implement the payment process in a way the same as Magento does in a normal order checkout. So if your third party payment method “obeys the Magento rule”, it should be compatible with this extension.


How does this extension implement the payment process?

The way the payment methods work in the extension is much the same as in the normal checkout payment process. When one payment method works in the normal checkout, it should work in the extension too.

1.  When you are doing the payment on the ‘Finish order payment’ page, the process won’t affect your normal shopping cart or any other checkout information like shipping / billing address, shipping method etc.

2.  Paypal standard: the IPN works too. With Magento’s Paypal default setting, after finishing the payment, the order status is changing from pending to processing, invoice can be created. Customer modifying the shipping/billing address on Paypal Site won’t affect the order’s original address information, the address information of the order can’t be changed.

3.  Paypal express: only use it as a payment method, no addresses modifying, no shipping method changing. With Magento’s Paypal default setting, after finishing the payment, the order status is changing from pending to processing.

4.  Credit Card (ccsave): the credit card information is stored in database much like what it did in a normal order checkout. You can see the credit card information in back end.

The Finish-Order-Payment page

This is an independent page, with a url and a parameter of the order’s id. You can send this url to your customers by email. The customer on this page must login to continue the payment.


Compatible Magento Versions:  CE 1.9

Easy to install, no core files are modified.

Support most of the Magento default payment methods

No complicate settings and configurations

Flexibility and extensibility, easy to customize



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