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Wordpress, How to add (reference) video from third party website

In Wordpress, it is very easy to add vedio from youtube, you just paste the url link into the edtior, it is smart enough to display the vedio player for you. But what if your vedio is not stored on youtube, or any other famous vedio websites which are in the white list that Wordpress claims? You need a plug in.

Here is the plugin i use to add youku vedios to Wordpress. Its name is "Code Embed" by David Artiss. In order to use this plugin to add vedio to your blog, your need to show the "Custom fileds" in the post, and then add the a "key" & "embed html code" as one custom field, you can put whatever html code as the custom-field's value, so you can put your embed flash vedio code there. For example:

%CODE1%   =>  <embed>..flash vedio..</embed>

then in your post content, just write:  %CODE1% , when display the article to your readers, it will show the vedio, not the %CODE1%.